Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 28th August 2015


Dear Singapore Gooner,

This will be my last newsletter to you as President of Arsenal Singapore. The two years have simply flown by and I just want to say that it’s been an absolute privilege.

Our club is now into its ninth year and we’ve certainly come a long way since our launch back in March 2007. We’ve never had the objective at the start to become the biggest supporters club in Singapore but I’m certain that we’ve become the best.

What I know is that we definitely have the best set of supporters you can find anywhere in the world. Many of us Gooners are often asked about why or how we started supporting the club and words like ‘class’, ‘history’ and ‘doing things the right way’  often come in. In many ways, that applies to all of us too in the way we support the best team in the world.

We are all connected by our love for this wonderful team. We all want the same thing, which is for the team to be successful on the pitch. That is something beyond our control but what we can control is how we treat each other and how we conduct ourselves, whether through the anonymity of the internet or in real life.

There is too much negativity and cynicism in the real world as it is. Football, to many of us, is more than just a game. Supporting a football club is a life-long relationship and will always be emotional. That is special but if we can all take away the negative side of it and focus on being positive, especially towards and among fellow Gooners, surely the world can be a nicer and better place.

As Rocky said, remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.

Our 2015 AGM will be taking place on Saturday 29 August from 5pm at Molly Roffey’s Bras Basah. The pub will be closed from 5 to 7pm to the non-Arsenal Singapore public so if you will like to join us for the AGM where we will report on our activities from the past year, remember to show your membership cards at the door for entry. Doors will open again from 7pm ahead of our Newcastle match at 7.45pm.

I’ve probably not said this enough but I would like to thank the members of our Exco for all their unstinting commitment and sacrifices over the last two years. I’ve been privileged to have them on the team and they have kept running beyond 90 minutes and extra-time. (Don’t worry, we are not going into penalties.)

On Saturday, we will have a new President of this great club. I’m sure you will give him the same support as you’ve shown me throughout this time.

Once again, thank you for everything. I don’t know about you but I got this feeling that we are going to have a fantastic season ahead.

Victoria Concordia Crescit and COYG!

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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 16th August 2015


Dear Singapore Gooner,

A week is certainly a long time, especially in football after coming off a negative result and performance.

You always hope the next game come along faster, for the chance of redemption, to get that result out of the system with the hope that the last one was just one of those days.

We live in a world now of instant reactions and opinions. No doubt in the past week you’ve seen fans, pundits and media alike analyse our performance to death.

Pre-season had made us title favourites and suddenly after one match, we now have no chance.

Let’s have a little perspective here. We are not favourites for the title but certainly we are in with a shout. Winning or losing last week should not change anything.

Of course, much will depend on how we respond and we know this team and squad are more than capable of bouncing back.

It all starts this evening Sunday 16 August with another London derby against Crystal Palace.

It’s another early kickoff at 8.30pm so do join us at either of our two homes of Arsenal Singapore at Bras Basah or Dorsett.

Membership sign-ups and renewals will be at the usual spot at Bras Basah from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Do note that we will be accepting membership renewals all the way till the end of September.  Take aside the Monday night matches and international breaks, you will only have about another three more weekends to renew for this season. Your 2014-15 membership will lapse in October with all sign-ups considered as new ones from then.

Here’s hoping for a brand new start to the season for us.


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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 9th August 2015


Happy National Day!

Today’s a very special and proud day for all of us Singapore Gooners as our country celebrates our Golden Jubilee.

We’ve certainly come a long way as a nation since 1965 and there is plenty that we have to be grateful for. Whether we were born and grew up here or are from overseas now living and working here, this is really home, truly.

In many ways, the Arsenal have also come a long way in those 50 years and how appropriate that we will be embarking on our latest league campaign this evening on 9 August, playing at home in red and white.

It promises to be a massive season for us and we are definitely a serious contender. As Le Boss said, we have prepared well and now “it’s about points, about performance, about efficiency, about togetherness and about heart.”

The rollercoaster ride starts at 8.30pm against West Ham but do join us early at the homes of Arsenal Singapore at Bras Basah and Dorsett as we will be screening the National Day Parade on the big screens.

We will not be taking any membership sign-ups or renewals this evening as we will all like to catch the NDP too!
Wear your Singapore colours with pride today and sing up loud and proud!

Majulah Singapura and COYG!

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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 1st August 2015

extraHello there! 

It’s been a while since I’ve last written a proper newsletter and here we are at the start of a very special month for our country.  

It’s the month of our Golden Jubilee but just as important, our beloved Arsenal will be back in competitive action very soon!

Just two weeks ago, we were all cheering them on at our National Stadium and here we are on the crux of yet another new season. I believe I speak for nearly all of us Singapore Gooners that it was a fantastic experience with the Arsenal in town. 

Personally, I was really proud that we were able to host so many travelling Gooners from around the world and had the chance to extend our hospitality to them throughout the entire week. 

Plenty has happened since then on the Arsenal front and we have every reason to go into the season in a confident mood. 

Technically, we start our season on National Day but first, we have the small matter of the Community Shield onSunday 2 August against that bus stop in Fulham (or should it be against that bus from that bus stop in Fulham). It’s a glorified friendly at best but any match against that scummy lot and manager is usually anything but friendly. 

Kickoff is at 10pm and a newly-renovated Molly Roffey’s at Bras Basah will be open for it! That’s right, if you didn’t know, our home went through a thorough refurbishment from the day after the Barclays Asia Trophy final and it now carries a refreshing new look just in time for the new season. So make sure you come on down and join us!

And to mark their reopening, Molly Roffey’s at Bras Basah has a special offer for all draft beers (except Guinness) going at only $10 from the second half of our match

We are also restarting our membership renewals and signups so do look for us from 8pm to 9.30pm at the usual spot if you have yet to renew for this season. Membership does have its privileges as many of you would have seen during the week of the BAT so make sure you extend your ‘contract’ with us! 

Unlike Theo Walcott and his contract, our process is very straightforward so sign da ting and you will continue to enjoy the benefits that come with being an Arsenal Singapore member!

See you on Sunday and COYG!

P.S. Molly Roffey’s at Dorsett will also be screening the match.
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Emirates Cup ‘Live’ at Molly Roffeys Dorsett


If you have felt the same Arsenal withdrawals as we did this week, fret not.

Molly Roffeys @ Dorsett Residences is screening the Emirates Cup this weekend! So head on down to catch our boys in more pre-season action. Apparently we will be sending the robotic versions of our players onto the pitch while the actual players control them from the sidelines, sounds fun.

P.S We will NOT be doing membership applications or renewals this weekend.

(Image courtesy of

A Brief Guide to Singapore


Dear Gooners,

The month of July is finally here, and that means Arsenal will be arriving in Singapore for the Barclays Asia Trophy very soon! For those of you who will be coming over to Singapore to watch The Arsenal, we have prepared a short but useful guide with information related to getting around our sunny (read: hot and humid) island, and some places you can explore when you are not stalk…erm…following the Arsenal team.

As this year is also Singapore’s 50th birthday, there are various events taking place around the island showcasing our history and celebrating the progress we have made since our independence. Hence, it is a good chance for visitors to learn more about us while having fun at the same time. Do check out some of the ongoing events if you are looking for things to do in between match days. And lastly, but no less important than watching Arsenal, do sample some of Singapore’s gastronomical delights so you have energy to cheer on the team!

The links below will provide a comprehensive guide on the aforementioned topics; accompanied by a short write-up on some of the more important (Arsenal-related) places:

  1. Sports Hub – the place where all the action will take place. Spanking new stadium opened in June 2014, with state of the art facilities that make it a fully integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub. Located right next to the Stadium MRT station (CC6), there is a shopping mall beside the stadium that offers a fine variety of food and shopping, perfect for having a meal before proceeding to watch the matches. More information on getting there can be found in these links:

  1. Molly Roffey’s (Bras Basah branch) – the home of the Official Arsenal Singapore Supporters Club, where passionate Gooners congregate on every weekend match night to cheer on the Gunners! Do drop by for a visit if time permits, and look at how we have done up the place SG Gooners call “Home”. The pub is located right outside the Bras Basah MRT station (CC2)

  1. Places of attraction – Singapore may be tiny, but there is no shortage of places of interests for visitors who wish to explore the island. Some of these places will be holding special events in celebration of SG50, so do look out for these when you are planning your itinerary. The links below provide information on some of the most popular attractions that are worth spending time at:

  1. Food! Glorious Food! – A visit to Singapore is never complete nor satisfying if you do not try out most, if not all, of our famous local food. As Singapore is a multi-racial and multicultural country, our food is reflective of that, with a smorgasbord of cuisine that caters to different tastes and preferences. Below are some of the places where you can feast to your heart’s content, be it local fare or more refined dining:

We hope that the information provided will enhance your experience while you are in Singapore for the Barclays Asia Trophy. Do feel free to drop us an email at: if you require further assistance, and we will be more than happy to help.


A message from our President

Welcome to the brand new website of Arsenal Singapore!

You’ve come to the right place if you are a Gooner living in the Lion City or visiting and looking to join fellow Gooners to catch a game or two.

It was just over a month ago when we lifted our 12th FA Cup and here we are looking forward to pre-season and the promise of some shiny new signings a la Petr Cech!

July’s a massive month for all of us especially in Singapore as we will be welcoming the mighty Arsenal to our shores for the Barclays Asia Trophy.  It’s been 24 long years since the Gunners last visited and to say we are very excited to see them here is an understatement.

On behalf of everyone in the committee, we would like to extend a warm welcome to every Arsenal fan travelling to Singapore this month. It’s a great pleasure to be hosting you and do get in touch should you require anything during your stay here.

The home of Arsenal Singapore – Molly Roffey’s at both Bras Basah and Dorsett – will be offering every Gooner, as long as you walk in with an Arsenal shirt on (any shirt as long as it has something Arsenal on it) 10% off all food and beverages outside of Happy Hours from 12th to 19th July!

If you need a place for your pre-match and post-match drinks, you know the place to go!

See you at the Barclays Asia Trophy!

Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 24 May 2015


Hello Fellow Gooners,

Barring a catastrophic loss to WBA or a loss and Steve Bruce deciding he is still a manc and throwing the Hull Tigers under a bus at KC Stadium this Sunday, Arsenal will finish 3rd and avoid playing the CL qualifying games in August.  In other words …. we just need a draw this Sunday!

We’ve reached the final game of the season and what a roller coaster it has been, so many injuries in the 1st half to key players left us looking like we would be skipping the Champions League next season but a great run of wins in the 2nd half made sure we qualified again for the umpteenth consecutive time.

Both Molly Roffey’s Bras Basah and Dorsett will screen AFCvWBA at 10pm on Sun 24 May.  Signups and renewals will only be at Bras Basah from 730 to 930pm.  Come down and renew if you haven’t done so yet so that you can get your new Arsenal Singapore premium, a yellow scarf that you can wear for next week’s FA Cup Final!!  #SheWoreAYellowRibbon (in case you hadn’t read about it yet, Arsenal will be wearing yellow for the final this year.)

Speaking of which, our FA Cup Final will also be screened at Bras Basah and Dorsett at 1230am on Sun 31 May (Sat night).  Those electing to watch at Dorsett, please lower your volume with your cheering and singing to avoid complaints from the hotel guests upstairs, and this venue will be open to both members and non-members.  For those going to Bras Basah, signups and renewals will be from 830 to 1030pm on Sat 30 March.  For the 1st 50 members at Bras Basah on Sat night at 830pm, we will be giving out a $10 Molly Roffey’s voucher for use that evening!  So do come down early and grab a seat!  Bras Basah will be open only to Arsenal Singapore members from 830 to 11pm and open to the public, space permitting, after 11pm so get in there!!  There will be new flags and pennants sent to us by Arsenal to add to the atmosphere!  So sing your hearts out!


Ticket sales for members going to the Barclays Asia Trophy are closed and we’ll have over 300 in our section for 15 July and over 500 for 18 July.  We will let you know when to come and get your tickets as soon as we get them from the organizers.  Until then, do google for and watch videos of Arsenal chants and learn them, you will be sitting in the singing section so you’re expected to be loud and proud!!

That’s it for this season!  See you in July! (I’m off to eat some leftover durian ;-))

Ooo To Be A .. Gooner!!

Jin Yan

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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 12 May 2015


Hello Fellow Singapore Gooners,

Well that was a disappointing result last night against Swansea City.  I guess it was inevitable that our 11 game unbeaten run in all competitions, since 1 March, would come to an end sometime and of course Fabianski would have to have a great game against us.  We just have to win the next 4 games against Man U, Sunderland, West Brom and of course Aston Villa!!

Due to the scousers draw against chelski, Arsenal are now guaranteed to be in the CL next season, for the 16th consecutive year.  If you think that’s no big deal, just ask the scousers and the scum, they spend more than we do and still cannot regularly get into the CL, only the 3 clubs significantly richer than us have been able to do so and even then, manure failed last season.

Also happy to report that we celebrated St Totteringham’s Day again this season, for the 20th year in a row.  #NorthLondonIsRed #ItsHappenedAgain #MindTheGap #ForeverInOurShadow

The Barclays Asia Trophy details have now been officially announced and many of you have already bought your tickets to that event in our exclusive members only sales period.  If you have not yet done so, the FINAL day for buying tickets through us and sitting with us in the exclusive Arsenal Singapore Cat 3 section is this Sunday 17 May from 730pm to 1030pm, before our 11pm kickoff against Man U at Molly Roffey’s Bras Basah (MRBB).  Again, each member will be allowed to buy 2 tickets.  We will however be allowing new membership signups at the same time so get your friends and family members to sign up as well if you need more tickets.

It will be super packed at MRBB so do come down very early if you want a seat and Molly Roffey’s Dorsett will also be screening ManU v Arsenal at 11pm.  Please note for either location if you are coming down with your friend who supports ManU, please tell them that these are NOT neutral venues, they cannot wear ManU kits and they should behave accordingly.  Of course they can clap and cheer but no taunting and booing of Arsenal.  Molly Roffey’s management reserves the right to ask them to leave.

As a buildup to the BAT event. Ian Wright is in Singapore and will be taking part in a Twitter Takeover tomorrow 13 May from 330pm to 5pm hosted by The New Paper.  To take part,

1.       Tweet your questions that you’ve always wanted to ask Ian to @TheNewPaper,

2.       Include the hashtag #TNPBAT2015,

3.       Follow @TheNewPaper and look out for his responses!

That’s it for this week,

Come On Arsenal!!

Jin Yan

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