Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 1 May 2015


Hello Fellow Gooners,

Eric’s going to be busy the next month due to work so I’ll be taking over.

Looks like the Arsenal supporters at the Emirates hit a raw nerve when we sang “Boring, boring Chelsea!”  From their detestable manager to their racist captain, they wouldn’t stop commenting on it.  Must be deep down they know they are boring and that after spending so much $$$$$ on their team, their owner is probably just as unhappy with their brand of soul sucking, sleep inducing, bus parking football.  What I thought was frankly ludicrous was their reaction at the final whistle, they were celebrating like they won the league.  What utter muppets!

Read this on the internet, which those blue scum should take note:


Dear Chelsea fans,

Congrats on winning your 5th league title (most likely) but FOR YOUR INFORMATION

Aston villa won their 5th league trophy in 1900 (115 yrs ago)
Sunderland did it in 1913 (102 yrs ago)
Arsenal did it in 1938 (77 yrs ago)
Everton did it in 1939 (76 yrs ago)
Liverpool did it in 1947 (68 yrs ago)
Man U did it in 1957 (58 yrs ago)

Winning 5 league trophies isn’t any achievement that hasn’t been seen before so please stop worrying our ears with the noise of being league champs.

Boring and no class to top it off.

Our next game is away to Hull City and that kicks off at 3am on Tues 5 May.  Due to the timing, thanks to Sky Sports, Molly Roffey’s will not be open for this.  The same for the following week when we play Swansea at 3am on Tues 12 May.

Hey Goonerettes, we NEED your help!!  The next round of our community service event is slated on Sun 10 May 2015 from 3-5 pm at the Children’s Aid Society.  This time, the activities will involve the girls from the home and we are looking for female members to volunteer in addition to our male members who help out with the boys.  Those interested, please sms or whatsapp Shai directly at 98440234.

That’s it for this week!

Come On Arsenal!!

Jin Yan

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