Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 3rd September 2015


My fellow Singapore Gooners,

I write this to you with great humility and excitement to be the President of Arsenal Singapore after the recent AGM held on 29th August. I have served as Treasurer and Tickets Officer in this club previously. With this new role, I will do my best once again to serve the club as best as I possibly can. Those who know me are already aware that I have been a Gooner for 25 years now and I bleed red and white!
Cue song: I’m Arsenal till I Die, I’m Arsenal till I Die, I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m Arsenal till I Die!

During Eric’s 2-year term as President, he has led the club with great purpose. Thanks, Eric! He will still continue to be in the Exco in another role handling media and sponsor. For those who did not attend the AGM, there were some changes in the roles in Exco. Umarani will now be handling match tickets. Connie is now our new Club Treasurer and we have a new member in our Exco. Tony joins us as our Vice-Treasurer. The other Exco members whom you know will continue in their existing roles. I introduced your new Exco if you were at Molly during the Newcastle game last week. We will continue all our efforts to ensure that your experience with Arsenal Singapore Club will always be memorable, be it whether you watch a match at Molly Roffey’s or by participating in our local activities.

Speaking of activities, Arsenal Singapore will continue with our regular ones such as Futsal Tournament, Year-End Party, BAGBAR and many more to come. One such activity is our commitment to the Children’s Aid Home or Melrose Home. We have a few members who volunteer their time once a month, typically on a Sunday, for 90 mins for a light cardio workout and footy kickabouts. They spend time with kids, aged 8-12 years old, who need a supportive environment to grow up to be responsible adults and upright citizens. We would like to grow our pool of volunteers (male and female) so that we can rotate them as not all volunteers are required on a monthly basis. We intend to work with these kids for the long-term so your contribution will be much appreciated! Those who are keen to volunteer, please drop a note to Shai at and he will fill you in with more details. The next session is on 20 Sep, 3pm.

Match Tickets
Our membership has grown steadily from around 400+ two years ago to over 650 now. With more members means more people applying for match tickets to catch The Arsenal at Emirates Stadium.I have personally made the trip to London at least 4 times and I must say it gets better each time and it is truly a memorable and emotional experience. Tears were shed too. Nothing more beautiful in (north) London, I dare say! Ticket application for our Champions League fixtures against Bayern Munich (Oct) and Dinamo Zagreb (Nov) are now open. Send your ticket applications to Umarani at

The Future
Finally we are always on the lookout for new additions for our future Exco team. If you would like to be part of this fun, crazy gang whose love for The Arsenal is undying, drop me a note. The future of Arsenal Singapore is in your hands and I would love to see this club continue to flourish in the years to come. Also, if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve your experience at the pub or through our club activities, send me an email too.

Membership Renewals
There are no EPL matches this weekend as there is an international break. For those itching to catch your Arsenal team in action, we will be back on Sat 12 Sep. Membership sign-ups and renewals will resume then at our Molly Roffey’s Bras Basah outlet only. Take note that renewals will end on Sep 26th (Leicester game) so you only have 3 more weeks to do it.

You must have already read that the transfer window is now closed and this Arsenal team will be playing their hearts out to achieve their fullest potential. Who wouldn’t have loved to see one or two additional squad additions (I was secretly gunning for Zlatan!)? Let’s get behind this team now and cheer them on. Sing loud and proud as you always do!

I’ll talk to you again soon and if you see me at the pub, come over and say hi.

Victory Through Harmony,

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