Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 17th February 2016


Dear Singapore Gooners,

Good morning Singapore Gooners, For 94 mins and 28 seconds last Sunday, it looked doom and gloom. We kept huffing and puffing but we could not clinch that 2nd goal to kill off the Foxes.

Then 1 second later, Danny Boy rose to the occasion and slotted home the WINNER!

Cue Mayhem! Pandemonium At Molly. At Emirates. Whole of London (ahem). Worldwide.

I may have hugged 1 guy. Or 2. Or 3. Or 4. Make that 6!!! Completely delirious!

Molly Bras Basah was a full house last Sunday and everybody went mental and bonkers. Probably never heard a louder roar there this season. Every single person present that night would probably never forget that moment. Yes, I think I shed some tears at the final whistle.


Here is Welbeck’s new song (sung to the tune of Wilshere’s “He Smokes When He Wants”).

“He’s my Valentine
He’s my Valentineeeeee,
Danny Welbeck,
He’s my Valentine!”

How many of you have replayed THAT goal on your handphone and tablets? It’s been 3 days and I can watch that goal all day long. There are numerous videos online now of Danny’s. But one of my personal favourite is this Icelandic video commentary which will make you LOL. Check it out here:

So 2 points off the leaders, rather than 8. We’re still joint second with that sh*te team so with 12 games to go, it’s clearly a 3-horse race! The team must be all hyped now so it’s really gonna do down to the wire. We have some tricky games coming up. Let’s get behind the team, Gooners!


Some of you have previously signed up as volunteers for our adopted charity Children’s Aid Society. We only have 1 monthly session with the kids who are always happy to see us spending time with them. If you are not able to devote your time for this scheme, please inform Shai. We require active volunteers.

We would like to grow our pool of volunteers (male and female) so that we can rotate them as not all volunteers are required on a monthly basis. Those who are keen to volunteer, please drop a note to Shai at and he will fill you in with more details.

Arsenal Match Tickets

The final home match for April is now available for booking. Send your applications to Umarani at

Norwich City (Category C Fixture)
Match Date: Apr 30th, 2016
Ticket Deadline: Feb 20th, 2016

Finally, it’s the FA Cup 5th round against Hull this weekend. We are on course to create history by being the 1st team in 130 years to win the FA Cup 3 times in a row. Wenger will shuffle the side once again so we may see Welbeck, Iwobi, Elneny, Gibbs in the starting line-up.

The Arsenal v Hull City on Sat 20th Feb, 8.45pm kick-off at Molly Bras Basah only. (Dorsett is CLOSED!)

What Did She Wear?

Next Wednesday, we will also be showing the minor Champions League clash against Barcelona.  It’s gonna be a cracking game and I reckon Gooners will come down to catch it on the big screen!

The Arsenal v Barcelona on Wed 24th Feb, 3.45am kick-off at Molly Bras Basah.

We Love You Arsenal, We Do!

Victory Through Harmony,


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