Featured Members’ trip to Arsenal

From Ahmad Azzam Shahrudin:

First of all, my family and I would like to thank Arsenal Singapore for giving us the golden opportunity to catch Arsenal Vs Sunderland live at the Emirates Stadium on 5th December 2015.


It was an understatement that I was overjoyed when I walked out of the Gillespie Tube Station. I saw red everywhere, mostly Gooners, fans chanting, roadside stalls selling memorabilia and food. Everything heightened the atmosphere. It felt like a dream since all these years, I saw these only on TV as the pre-match highlights. And I was part of it, and it felt so surreal.


In the stadium, we were lucky because we managed to see Ozil get the award for player of the month! The squads came out of the dugout and the match started soon after, I could identify the players from where we sat. All the boos from the Sunderland fans when we were attacking or missed a chance and their cheers when Koscielny got booked for a foul. And then the “Arsenal” erupted when Ozil fed Campbell an assist and he scored, everyone jumped out of their seats and roared. We were lucky because the attack took place near the corner where we sat. The match went on and finished 3-1 to Arsenal. The crowd was on a high and every Gooner was happy with the result.


I must say that the excitement and experience watching live at the Emirates can never be compared to watching on TV. Ozil was such a joy to watch, he was all over the pitch, free roaming the midfield. He is so hardworking, such that the TV dont do him justice. As a fan of Arsenal since I was little, this was really a dream come true. If i had a chance to  watch it again live, I’ll definitely grab it. On behalf of my family, I would like to again thank Arsenal Singapore and the people that helped us to make this possible.