Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 14th April 2016


Dear Singapore Gooners,

Good evening and since it’s almost the end of Thursday, I hope by now you’re feeling much better and have recovered from the ___________ (fill in the blank) performance the team had against West Ham. I think many of you would agree that it so succinctly summed up our unpredictable season.

To go 2-0 up and draw 3-3??? Sigh.

To go 2-0 up and came this close to losing? Sigh again.

I have read a couple of reviews of our performance and none said it better than Arseblog. You can read it here:

Actually the only 2 bright spots, to me, were:
1. Elneny-Coq partnership is strong and will continue to grow even stronger.
2. Koscielny is Arsenal’s highest scoring defender in EPL history. (ok ok not what you were expecting).

Membership Renewal & New Sign-ups
So far almost 100 Gooners have renewed over past 2 weekends. They were excited to get their hands on our all-new Arsenal Singapore polo t-shirt. It really has a nice embroidered logo patch with white sleeves on a red shirt. Look out for the Exco team outside Molly only from 9.30-10.30pm on Sunday 17th April.

So it’s Crystal Palace that will come over to the Emirates Stadium this Sunday. They are in a relegation battle and so this can only mean one thing…. They will make life hell for us! Unless the Gunners can prove us wrong. Only one way to find out.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace, Sun 17th April, 11pm kick-off!

Victory Through Harmony,

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