Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 21st April 2016


Good morning Singapore Gooners,

Have you had your breakfast yet? I’m just sipping my hot cuppa tea preparing this for you.

Well well well, weren’t we all let down (ONCE AGAIN) last Sunday? I wasn’t feeling quite well so I didn’t get to watch the entire match but I think if i did, it would have made me feel a lot, lot worse! Nothing riles me up more than a lack of passion. Passion from people who get paid millions to do their job!

If there’s a way to reach out to the players, here’s what my message would be:


I don’t think it’s harsh of me to say such words when we’ve been sliding down the table like there’s no tomorrow! Lack of teamwork, grit, passion, mental fortitude – ZERO! 5 more games to go and we seem too comfy in our “customary” 4th position.

We will definitely expect changes in player movement once the season ends!

Membership Renewal & New Sign-ups
Shout out to last season’s members who have yet to collect your Yellow Away scarf and membership cards, please come down on Sunday to collect them. We seek your cooperation on this. We can’t keep them for you forever 🙂

We will continue to run renewals for the next 4 weeks and it’s your last chance to do it this season. Get your hands on the new Arsenal Singapore polo t-shirt. Look out for the Exco team outside Molly only from 7.30pm-8.30pm on Sunday 24th April.

We may have some events lined up in Singapore during pre-season and even in early August 2016. These events will be for Arsenal Singapore members only. If you have not renewed your membership by then, you may not be able to participate. Next season, Arsenal Singapore will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary of being an Official Arsenal Supporters’ Club (since 2007). You know we will have some awesome events lined up. Don’t say I never say ah….So heads up first!

So tomorrow morning, The Arsenal take on W.B.A. at 2.45am. This match will not be shown at Molly. The Baggies are (almost) safe from relegation. But which Arsenal team will turn up? Will Joel Campbell ever play again this season? Will Mertesacker come back to the First XI?

On Sunday, relegation-favourites Fat Sam’s Black Cats is up against The Arsenal. Honestly, I am really worried about this game. They will go all out and make it a physical game for us. We will get bruised in this encounter. Come on down and sing your hearts out. I’ll see you there!

Sunderland v The Arsenal, Sun 24th April, 9pm kick-off!

We Are The Arsenal!

Victory Through Harmony,

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