Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 12 Sep 2017


Hello Fellow Singapore Gooners,

Oxlade, what’s the score? Oxlade, Oxlade, what’s the score?”  Heheh, nice to be able to bantz again innit?  We had a good win last Saturday and popped 3 Cherries, er, I mean popped 3 past the Cherries and about 80 Gooners were at Five Square to celebrate the victory.  I know it’s been frustrating at times with the team but don’t give up, and more to the point, come and join us to share in the misery or joy together!

Sunday, 17 Sept 830pm Live at Five Square

Do join us this Sun for the Chelski game, kickoff at 830pm and Five Square will be open at 6pm with 2 food stalls open (tapas/pasta/pizza and Vietnamese, last order 930pm).  Renewals and signups available from 630 to 8pm and possibly for a short while after the game for those who arrive late.  Last 2 renewal sessions left and thereafter you will have to pay the full rate of $50 to re-join us, so don’t miss out!  Also, it’s F1 weekend so come early to avoid the traffic.

Supporters Club Plus scheme

Some of you already know this but I’m pleased to announce that Arsenal Singapore has been selected to join the Supporters Club Plus scheme by AFC.  We applied last season but didn’t get it and re-applied again this season and was successful.  What this means is that we get a special 15% discount on bulk merchandise orders from Arsenal Direct and for 1 match day we get a VIP experience.  Gooners from Singapore attending that match will get to greet the team as they come off the team bus and when possible will also get to meet one player after the game!!!

This is a very special opportunity and may not be available next season so if you are interested, I need you guys to email and state your 1st and 2nd choice home match this season that you want to attend to experience this.  Please email us by 19 Sep.  We will apply for the one with the highest number of people going.  You will have to pay for your match ticket and all other expenses but if the number of people going is sufficient, we can try to negotiate with Emirates for discounted air tickets and arrange for a discounted hotel option as well.

For the merchandise discount, we will do a bulk order in November so please look out for the details soon.

Feedback from Members Survey

We had a good meeting with Nan, the owner of Five Square and passed on your comments from the survey.  He will look into pricing and availability of more food and drink options.  Because some have indicated that the gap near the door to the bathroom is separating the Gooners at the back from the group in the front, he will lock that door and move the tables up to give it a more cosy feel.  Those Gooners sitting at the large tables please be friendly and hospitable and allow people to join you and share the table, get to know your fellow members!  Let’s pack the front and create some atmosphere!!

In addition, the darts machine swill be turned off during the match.

That’s it for this week, see you on Sunday!!


Jin Yan


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