Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 6 Dec 2017


Hi Fellow Singapore Gooners!

Well, that was a bit of a mixed bag.. 

We started off the week pretty decently with a resounding 5 nil win against Huddersfield. Took a while for the goals to start flowing but the floodgates finally opened late in the second half. If you haven’t seen the goals, definitely go check out Ozil’s little bouncepass goal in the 72nd minute. Heck, even if you’ve seen it, go watch it again! It was that good!
With the Huddersfield win, we finished November with 3 wins and 1 loss in the Premier League. Whisper it softly now but it seems we might have finally beaten the infamous November curse!

Then again, the November curse might have just switched seasons (damm you, climate change!) because we sure didn’t start December very positively. 2 goals down in the first 10 minutes left us with a mountain to climb against the Mancs. We gave it a good effort but with those individual errors at the start, it all felt a little too little too late.
Upcoming Fixtures
The good thing is we don’t have to brood on that loss for too long as our second string squad will attempt to master Bate tomorrow night! #sorrynotsorry I don’t know about you guys but I’m warming up to this whole Europa League campaign thing. No expectations and it gives us a chance to rotate, rest some players and blood some youngsters. Loving it (but back to Champions League next season please!).
This weekend will see us take on our little production factory, Southampton FC. The match kicks off at 8pm on Sunday and FIVE will be open from 6pm onwards with the tapas stall staying open till 9:45pm. 
Match Ticket Applications
Lastly, for those of you who are still considering catching matches live at the Emirates this season, we will be updating our website very shortly with the latest match ticket application deadlines so do look out for that! (
That’s it from me. Thanks very much for putting up with my babbling these past couple of weeks and thanks especially for all your kind words! Normal service resumes next week with both DJ and JY back in town and they’ll be looking to get our year end party into full swing! 
Have a good week ahead and C’MON YOU GUNNERS!!!



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