Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 11 Jan 2018


Hello Fellow Singapore Gooners,

The performance and result vs Chelski last night was better than the fiasco v Notts Forest over the weekend, now we just MUST beat them in the return fixture at The Emirates on 25th January. They used Video Assisted Referee (VAR) last night and AMN was ruled to not get a penalty in spite of being in virtually the same situation as that diver EH a couple weeks ago, who did get a penalty. So we are screwed by human refs and video refs (perhaps the video ref was Mike Dean??!!)

We play Bournemouth this Sunday 930pm and Five Square will be open from 730pm. Do come down and join us. We normally get a good crowd for big games, but if YOU want YOUR supporters club and the venue owner to flourish, YOU have to make the effort to come down and support on evenings when the opposition is not one of the top clubs. To paraphrase JFK, “Don’t ask what your club can do for you, ask what YOU can do for YOUR club.”

Due to the Thursday night Europa League fixtures AND more importantly because British Telecom is one of the big bidders of the PL package, they and Sky TV want to maximize viewership in the UK and have thus chosen AFC as one of the most broadcasted live matches and have moved many of our games to the Saturday 530pm UK and Sunday slots, not to mention Friday and Monday nights. (Sat 3pm games have a TV blackout in the UK in case you didn’t know.) This has resulted in us missing too many live viewings, so you need to help us all out by coming for the games at Five Square as much as possible, not just the big ones. So for January, only 2 games will be shown at Five Square, this one and next Sat 11pm, so do come down for both!!

I’m sure many of you remember Alvin New, our previous Club Secretary who re-located to HK for work, well, he’s back in Singapore and we have drafted him back in the Exco!! #OnceInExcoAlwaysInExco Heheh. No formal role for him at the moment but he will help out in events and signups/renewals. At the same time, we have made a few small changes in responsibilities of existing Exco. Pete is now in charge of the website together with our social media, taking over from Ed and Ed is now in charge of merchandising, taking over from Umarani. Umarani remains as Vice Secretary.

That’s it for this week, see you on Sunday.

Jin Yan


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