Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 24 Apr 2018


Hello Fellow Singapore Gooners,

It finally happened, what ALL Gooners have been waiting for has come to pass …… yes, sp*rs ended the season without winning anything again. More than 10 years since their last trophy, a League Cup, and no League title since 1961, when most of you haven’t even been born yet. #NLIR #FOYS

Ok I kid, yup, what has finally happened is that Arsene has announced he will leave at the end of the season. A few of you cheered at that but I suspect the majority will feel some sense of sadness that he is leaving after 22 years. His achievements at and service to The Arsenal are irrefutable and we should be grateful for that and show respect to the man who built The Emirates, and London Colney and gave us the Invincibles, 3 PL titles (2 of them doubles), and 7 FA cups.

We beat West Ham 4-1 at home last Sunday and we have a very important match against Atletico Madrid on Friday morning at 305am, Five Square has a poll on their FB page to suss out the level of interest in attending, please go and vote Five Square will be open definitely for our away game against Man United on Sunday, kick off at 1130pm. Doors open from 8pm, come early and watch West Ham v Citeh before that, signups and renewals from 9pm to 11pm.

Arsenal Singapore has been given a special early bird booking link for the ICC matches this July. Click on the link and use the promo code AFCVIP, then click on the 2-Day Arsenal Club package option and book in the highlighted areas behind Arsenal for each match, if you wish to sit with us. We will float the giant Singapore Gooners banner there as well as sing and chant. And International Gooners will join us there too. So don’t delay, we will provide the link to International Gooners and on our Facebook page on 27 April, you have a 3 day head start on everyone else. #maituliao Seats in the rest of the stadium should be available to everyone on 30 April.

That’s it for this week.

Jin Yan

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