Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 6 March 2019


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Hello Fellow Singapore Gooners,

If you were ever in doubt whether the Premier League match officials are blind, biased or bought, you didn’t have to go any further than last Saturday’s NLD to confirm it. At least 3 scums were in offside positions when the free kick was taken and yes Mustafi effed up, but Kane was offside and the ref should have given us a free kick before his foul on him. Torreira was given a straight red, yet Sanchez wasn’t. Finally photos show clearly that when Auba fluffed his penno, Vertonghen was already well into the penalty box, the kick should have been re-taken. Will they even out their “errors” and give us some benefit this coming weekend? They should, but I doubt it. #FOYS #FOPGMOL

With us being out of the FA cup, international break and shit Monday night TV scheduling by Sky and BT, this weekend will be the last live screening until 7 April, so do come down and join us cos you’ll be going cold turkey for a month! Five Oriental will be open from 8pm on Sun 10 March for our home game vs Man Utd (k.o. 1230am). We had a huge crowd for the NLD, let’s make it another one again!

We have 2 Europa League matches against Rennes on 8 and 15 March but these won’t be screened live at Five Oriental, but they will be live on Singtel, Starhub and elsewhere on the internet.

As I wrote above, the next live screening after this one will be Sat 7 April and we will begin signups and renewals for the 2019/20 season then. More news about this in early April.

That’s it for this week!


Best wishes,
Jin Yan

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