Featured Members’ Trips to The Arsenal – Jerome & Michelle

Arsenal Singapore members Jerome & Michelle share their visit to The Arsenal match day with us. Cheers Ya’ll!

Date: 22nd September 2019
Match: The Arsenal vs Aston Villa
Score: 3 – 2 to The Arsenal

It was the day for me to watch Arsenal vs Aston Villa in the evening and also better my experience by going for a matchday tour.


The tour experience was great which we get to know that Arsenal have contributed a lot to this beautiful game.

Sir Herbert Chapman changes football by introducing the football kit that we wore today with number, changing the ball from brown to white so that it’s more visible in mud.

Arsene Wenger changed football by bringing his disciplined approach to a better diet and no alcohol which till to date, every club are following it strictly for their footballers. He also created history by being the first manager to have an unbeaten season that no club has ever done that!!

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On the game itself, it was a hell of a topsy turvy ride. Losing 0-1 during half time, fans were pissed and it doesn’t help when the away fans were singing at the top of their lungs and making fun of us. What makes it worse was that we were down to 10 men before half time after a second yellow card from Ainsley literally cut short our chances of a win and seriously i can’t imagine flying in and seeing them lose.

Second half started nervy similar to the first, till a penalty was given to much of a relief of all fans. As Auba has always been our penalty taker, to everyone’s surprise up steps Pepe to slot in the middle to bring the score level which all the fans gone wild.

Immediately after the restart, we got carried away with the goal and villa managed to pull one goal ahead which at this moment i was feeling dejected as we just fought so hard to be level and i was thinking we can go for the win.

Time flies until the 81st minute, Chambers of all people pulled us level out of nowhere and 3 minutes later which we were awarded a free kick that Auba as always took up the responsibility to curly it home and the entire stadium erupted!!

My Arsenal experience was unforgettable, from losing to winning positions, sent off, singing and shouting till i literally lost my voice after the match. To all gooner fans in Singapore which have not drop by to experience this yourselves, start planning your visit here and it’s totally worth it! Thanks Arsenal Singapore team for helping me and my wife to this perfect opportunity to put a big check box in my journey as an Arsenal fan. Come on you Gooners!

Peace out, Jerome & Michelle