Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 10 May 2021


To my beloved Arsenal,

What have you done to me? Life has no meaning now that there’s nothing left for us to play this season. I am devastated!! I bought all your 3 jerseys and even “the don’t know how many of the launched training/pre-match” shirts. Is this the way you repay my love for you?? Sigh..

Because of you, I volunteered to be the president of Arsenal Singapore so that I can rally all the Singapore fans to support you. You have caused so much sadness to us and I’m so sad that the fans are now disappointed…

I understand that ours is a long-distance relationship and it’s tough for the both of us. And because of Covid, I can’t travel to see you. We can only do online arrangements and it is not enough for me. It has been more than a year now that I cannot see you in the flesh. I have been patient and understanding with you. But you have recently f*#@ up my life.

And now that you’re no longer in Euro anymore, I am shattered and very disappointed. Yes, you’ve not won any Euro competition since 1994 but still, being there has a certain privilege and class. How can I show off about you to my friends? They’ll definitely make fun of you and that will upset me further. Plus, being in Euro will garner more income for you.

So what are you going to do about this? Will you get a new Sugar Daddy? Cos this Kroenke sucks big time. He did not spend so much, plus he asked you to break up with me by joining the stupid Super League. K**!! Can you diss him and get a new one? I heard he is handsome, young and loaded.  

You know I still love you and I will do anything for you. Maybe we can start all over again. Take it slow this time, focus on the domestic competition since there is no Euro for us. I will ask the Singapore fans to give you a chance and love you like I love you.

Loving you always and all ways..

Your disgruntled lover,

Arsenal Singapore

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