Featured Members’ Trips to Arsenal Bing Zheng

Bing Zheng shares his visit to The Arsenal with his friends, and their match day experiences with us.

Date: 7th March 2020
Match: The Arsenal vs West Ham
Score: 1 – 0

This is our first visit to the Emirates stadium and although I watched Arsenal live once before when they came to Singapore for the ICC Cup, the atmosphere was really different!

We met up with my friend Jordan and we went to collect the tickets. During the buildup to the game, I was really excited and seeing the fans all chanting and the stalls selling merchandise, it made me pumped up for the game.

During the game, the first half was rather one sided as West Ham was mainly defending and we even hit the post via Papa’s header!

I was rather nervous during half time as I was really hoping for a Arsenal win and then in the 78th minute, we finally scored!! But it was a torturing wait as we had to wait for the VAR confirmation. But in the end, it was awarded and the stadium erupted! It got intense as we were sitting just above the West Ham fans and both sides of supporters started swearing at each other. But in the end, it was us who had the last laugh as we won 1-0!

All in all it was a very memorable experience for  me, and I will definitely remember it for a long time. Hopefully I will have a chance to come back to the Emirates stadium to watch Arsenal play live again! COYG!!

Thank you.
Bing Zheng

Bing Zheng