Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 17 Jan 2018


Hello Fellow Singapore Gooners,

#!!@%&&*#!!! Yup we went and shot ourselves in the other foot on Sunday night. Are we running out of feet yet? Our extremely poor performances coupled with a few poor decisions by officials have really crippled us these past 2 months. And seriously I can’t wait for 31 Jan to roll around so that we are done with another transfer window. #SellOffAllOurWantaways Jack Wilshere has been an outstanding example of someone who puts his heart and soul out there on the pitch and I hope he extends his contract.

Our next live viewing at Five Square is this Sat 20 Jan 11pm vs Crystal Palace and this will be the last one this month so do come down and join us and let’s all cry into our beers together!! I know it’s tough to get motivated to come down some nights but come and hang out with your fellow sufferers! We’re at The Emirates and have a better win record there this season. (I’ve gone and jinxed us haven’t I? #JYOutDJIn)

On a happier note, we’ve received the sample for the next Arsenal Singapore renewal gift and it’s damn awesome! You will want to get your hands on it for sure in April!

That’s it for this week!


Jin Yan


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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter, 11 Jan 2018


Hello Fellow Singapore Gooners,

The performance and result vs Chelski last night was better than the fiasco v Notts Forest over the weekend, now we just MUST beat them in the return fixture at The Emirates on 25th January. They used Video Assisted Referee (VAR) last night and AMN was ruled to not get a penalty in spite of being in virtually the same situation as that diver EH a couple weeks ago, who did get a penalty. So we are screwed by human refs and video refs (perhaps the video ref was Mike Dean??!!)

We play Bournemouth this Sunday 930pm and Five Square will be open from 730pm. Do come down and join us. We normally get a good crowd for big games, but if YOU want YOUR supporters club and the venue owner to flourish, YOU have to make the effort to come down and support on evenings when the opposition is not one of the top clubs. To paraphrase JFK, “Don’t ask what your club can do for you, ask what YOU can do for YOUR club.”

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Featured Members’ trip to Arsenal

Arsenal SG Member V. Jeyakanthan shares his VIP Match Day Experience (vs Newcastle at The Emirates, 16 Dec 2017) with us:

15th December 2017. London. Rainy. Cold.
Perfect weather conditions to snuggle under a down feather quilt and sleep. But I lay with eyes wide open, brain buzzing with excitement and fingers trembling in anticipation. The night before match day was one I’ll probably never forget. But match day itself was one I’d never want to forget.

Match day. London. Cloudy. Cold.
London is home to the worst winter weather possible. Also home to the Arsenal, and host to a myriad of shitty “football” clubs. The trepidation intensified as I got off at Holloway Road tube station. Will we win? Which Arsenal player will I meet? Which pie should I get at Piebury Corner? Should I punch that Newcastle fan in front of me? So many questions, and simply no answers.

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