Application Deadlines

Do note that match dates are subject to change.
Please note these fixture times are subject to change by UK TV Broadcasters. It is your responsibility to book your flights with allowance for changes and also ARSENAL.COM for finalised fixture times.


Date Competition Opposition Category Deadline
12/08/2018 Premier League Manchester City A Closed
25/08/2018 Premier League West Ham B Closed
23/09/2018 Premier League Everton B Closed
25/09/2018 Carabao Cup Brentford C Closed
29/09/2018 Premier League Watford B Closed
22/10/2018 Premier League Leicester City B Closed
3/11/2018 Premier League Liverpool A Closed
11/11/2018 Premier League Wolves C Closed
02/12/2018 Premier League Tottenham A Closed
08/12/2018 Premier League Huddersfield C Closed
13/12/2018 Europa League Qarabag C Closed
22/12/2018 Premier League Burnley B Closed
01/01/2019 Premier League Fulham B Closed
19/01/2019 Premier League Chelsea A Closed
29/01/2019 Premier League Cardiff C Closed
23/02/2019 Premier League Southampton B Closed
26/02/2019 Premier League Bournemouth B Closed
09/03/2019 Premier League Manchester United A Closed
30/03/2019 Premier League Newcastle United B Closed
20/04/2019 Premier League Crystal Palace B Closed
02/05/2019 Europa League Valencia B Closed
04/05/2019 Premier League Brighton B Closed
30/05/2019 Europa League Chelsea A 16/05/2019

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