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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 19th April 2014

Hello fellow Gooners and a very Happy Easter to all who are celebrating.

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the long weekend. And why not, at least from an Arsenal point of view. In the space of a week, we are now through to the FA Cup Final and crucially, we now have destiny firmly in our own hands in the race to secure Champions League football. The equation is clear for us: win our remaining four games in the league and we guarantee we finish in at least 4th place. That just shows how fortunes in football and go up or down just like that. You just have to look at Man City to see how they have gone from being hot favourites for the title to now being third in the bookmakers’ pecking order to win the league after two damaging results.

This Sunday 20 April, we have a dress rehearsal for next month’s Wembley showdown when we travel to Hull. Do join us at the home of Arsenal Singapore at Molly Roffey’s for the 9.05pm kickoff. When Santi Carzola slotted home our winning penalty in the semi-final last week, I am sure you will have penciled in the date 17 May into your calendar.

That’s right, we are the Arsenal and we are going to Wembley (again)!

Look out for more news from us as we get closer to the big day. We are planning something special for that evening so make sure you keep the night of 17 May free. The priority for Cup Final day will of course be for our current members of Arsenal Singapore.

Speaking of membership, we are starting renewals for the 2014-15 season this Sunday from 7pm before the Hull game and we have a lovely renewal gift of an exclusive Arsenal Singapore powerbank! Your phones will now never go flat even for the nights when we go to extra-time and penalties!

See you on Sunday and Come on you Gunners!

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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 11th April 2014

We are going to Wembley! Yes, I’m determined to start this week’s newsletter on a positive note as I’m sure that you’ve had enough of negative stuff to read about the Arsenal for the past week.

Someone said to me earlier in the week, “Bad time to be an Arsenal fan eh?” My response was, “It was certainly a poor result on Sunday but we do have an FA Cup semi-final to look forward to and every chance to finish our league season on a good note.” It may be just me but I guess it’s always better in life to see your glass half full rather than half empty. What has bothered me greatly this past week was the amount of times I saw the words “Wenger Out” on my facebook feed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Wenger is the perfect manager and that he is definitely the man to take us to the next level. It could be him or it could be someone else.

My point is, how is calling for the head of our most successful manager in our history going to help our team over the finish line? Already, we have stumbled badly as we were approaching the home stretch and the last thing the club needs is for so-called fans calling for the boss to go. And think about it, our expectations of our club have rightly gone up over the years because of the high standards Wenger brought this club up to. He gave us some of the best years the club has ever seen and we all know the reasons why we have been less successful in recent years but still he has kept us among the top teams in the league year-in-year-out.

Surely, this man of all people deserves our respect and if this is to be his last season with the club, none of us will begrudge him leaving on a high note.

So, instead of just using that tired phrase of “Wenger Out”, why don’t you try “Come on Arsenal” instead? It’s always easy for any of us to cheer on the team when we are scoring goals for fun and winning. But it is times like these when the team needs us most. We have enough fans of other clubs who can’t wait to see us fall and slip up so let’s not do it to our own beloved club by turning against fellow Gooners with negative remarks.  After all, all of us want the same thing, which is for Arsenal to be successful on the pitch.

I’m sorry for the long rant but I feel that this is a message I needed to get out. Let’s be positive in our support. Negative “support” never helped. The time for review and reflection is at the end of the season; not now when potentially we still have seven games to go. We have an FA Cup to win and a fight to claim that Champions League place so let’s all stick together to support our team to as best a finish as they can. It starts again for us this Saturday with Wigan in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Kickoff on Saturday night is at 12.07am and of course, the home of Arsenal Singapore at Molly Roffey’s will be open for all Gooners.

Come on down to support the boys as we aim to reach Wembley again next month!

Come on you Gunners!

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Arsenal Singapore Newsletter 4th April 2014

Hello everyone, I hope this newsletter finds you well and all set for the weekend!


It’s been a quiet week so far from an Arsenal point of view ahead of this Sunday’s trip to Goodison Park. The early news is that Rambo could feature so that’s some welcome good news. On Saturday 5 April, Arsenal Singapore will once again be joining Gooners from more than 30 countries around the world and in London to stage our very own edition of Be a Gunner Be a Runner


37 Singapore Gooners have signed up for the run and I’m pleased to share again that we will be donating 100% of the S$1,910 collected to the Arsenal Foundation. (Do read up online about the Arsenal Foundation and how it supports a range of community and charitable projects in the UK and overseas.)


Think about it, out of the numerous runs that take place in Singapore throughout the year (last I checked, there are more than 70), ours is the only run that donates 100% of what we collect to a good cause. On top of that, Arsenal Singapore will be matching that amount dollar for dollar, taking the total amount to S$3,820. For the record, we donated a total of S$2,000 last year when we staged BAGBAR for the first time. On behalf of the club, I would like to thank each and every one who signed up for your contribution. 


We will be at East Coast Park beside Carpark B1 from 8am with the run starting at 9am so do drop by if you can to join us to cheer on our runners! Make sure you come in your Arsenal tops! 


All of us are part of this great club because of firstly our love for the Arsenal but it is events such as BAGBAR that remind us how we can be more than just a normal supporters club like the others you see around you. 


Back to the football, and this Sunday we have an early kickoff at 8.30pm against Everton. It will be another stern test for us what with the Blues breathing down our necks in the race for Champions League places. Do join us at Molly’s to cheer on our boys in red as we look to finish the season on a high.  


Come on you Gunners!


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