Application Deadlines

Please check out this section regularly for the latest updates. Do note that match dates are subject to change.


 Date  Competition  Opposition Category  Deadline
13 Aug 2016 Premier League Liverpool A Deadline Over
10 Sep 2016 Premier League Southampton B Deadline Over
24 Sep 2016 Premier League Chelsea A Deadline Over
15 Oct 2016 Premier League Swansea C Deadline Over
22 Oct 2016 Premier League Boro C Deadline Over
06 Nov 2016 Premier League Tottenham A Deadline Over
28 Sep 2016 Champions League Basel B Deadline Over
19 Oct 2016 Champions League Ludogorets B Deadline Over
25 Oct 2016 EFL Cup Reading C Deadline Over
23 Nov 2016 Champions League PSG A Deadline Over
26 Nov 2016 Premier League Bournemouth C Deadline Over
30 Nov 2016 EFL Cup Southampton C Deadline Over
10 Dec 2016 Premier League Stoke City C Deadline Over
26 Dec 2016 Premier League WBA C Deadline Over
01 Jan 2017 Premier League Crystal Palace B Deadline Over
22 Jan 2017 Premier League Burnley B Deadline Over
31 Jan 2017 Premier League Watford B Deadline Over
11 Feb 2017 Premier League Hull City C Deadline Over
07 Mar 2017 Champions
Bayern Munich A Deadline Over
11 Mar 2017 Premier League Leicester City B Deadline Over
01 Apr 2017 Premier League Man City A Deadline Over
04 Apr 2017 Premier League West Ham
B Deadline Over
22 Apr 2017 Premier League Sunderland
C Deadline Over
06 May 2017 Premier League Man United
A Deadline Over
21 May 2017 Premier League Everton
B Deadline Over

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